Philharmonia Fantastique: The Making of the Orchestra

New animated film featuring the Grammy Award-winning soundtrack from composer Mason Bates
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Still from Philharmonia Fantastique

The Making of the Orchestra

Philharmonia Fantastique is a 25-minute concerto for orchestra & animated film that follows a magical Sprite on a musical journey through the instruments of the orchestra. By the film’s end, the families of the orchestra overcome their differences to demonstrate “unity from diversity” in a spectacular finale.

Philharmonia Fantastique was written by Mason Bates, and co-created with multi Academy Award winning Gary Rydstrom, and Academy Award nominated animation director Jim Capobianco.

Featured Performances & Events

Selected opportunities to see Philharmonia Fantastique live. For full listings, please visit the Events page.

Sprite’s World

An exciting dive inside Philharmonia Fantastique to gain a deeper understanding of the orchestra and orchestral music through visual storytelling and hands-on activities.